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Welcome to the Walking Shadow website. I have set up this site as a convenient way to make some of my work available to interested individuals. You can view Documents or Pictures in this site by clicking a link on the left. You are free to download and utilize anything I post for your own personal use and enjoyment but please respect my copyright. Do not copy, print, publish, add to your website or distribute without my explicit permission and attribution. I will generally give permission for free use for educational purposes and encourage links to this site, but expect to pay a fee for commercial uses. 

Walking Shadow Designs, a consulting sole proprietorship providing professional engineering consulting services in the fields of energy technology and sundial design. Roger Bailey is the principal. He is also secretary of the North American Sundial Society.

Why Walking Shadows? See the climactic scene of  Shakespeare's MacBeth (5-5) for the quotation "Life's but a Walking Shadow". This is an appropriate motto for sundials and a vision statement for my company reflecting well on my current status. 

Roger Bailey