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Soul of an Old Machine

Exorcising Nortons Ghost

 Virus Removal Case Study

 Windows Basic Course

 Telus Webspace Management

 PowerPoint Workshop Presentation
Big Brothers & Cousins 
"BB&C is a club of computer enthusiasts located in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada."

"Probably the most rewarding activity of our members is the help they provide new members and new computer users. The club provides the organization to facilitate that help, but, it is our members, working on their own or in a club sponsored activity, who make our motto "Users Helping Users" a reality."

"Our emphasis on individual initiative has been a successful approach. Volunteers operate our clubhouse and act as Members-In-Charge to make it available for other activities. Other members develop and maintain our BBS. Still other members share in producing our newsletter. This website is also produced by volunteers. The opportunities for participation are endless." 

Quoted from the BB&C website